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You've come to the right place!

If you're looking for welding, custom metal fabrication,
railings, or metal repairs, 

Rob's Welding Repairs & more 

has what you need.

Our motto is "if it's metal, I can make it or fix it". From small machinery to structural supports, I have a creative solution to any metal project. Passion and thoughtfulness shine through in all our work.

Everyone has something they want or need - I'm a phone call/email away. Contact me today to see what we can do. 

Rob's custom railings are made for any need (indoor stairwell, front porch, handicap ramp, etc.). They are built to last with quality materials - the design is up to you!

Every job is unique...                       
    Contact us today for a quote.

Some recent projects

I'm a local welder with determination and experience. 

c​all or text: 508-469-9353


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